Born in Milan (1985),

young photographer with many passions: arts, movie, music and travel... strong sources of inspiration for his creativity.

He formed his aesthetic taste traveling in Italy and abroad, in close contact with the fashion world. He began his career around 2010 and underwent developed a massive love for portraits, editorial photography and advertising. His images stand out, with interpretation of the latest trends in fashion, and attention to detail, makes way for deep expression of feeling and emotion.

He personally takes care of all the creative process: from the concept to the post-production. He has also recently discovered the world of cinematography and the direction of photography (part of Kaspar Hauser Productions), where he developed several projects like commercials, short films and documentaries.

Ismaele's has began to develop a brilliant reputation in recent years for his personal style, talent and retouching skills. Included in his portfolio, are editorials for magazines, for fashion, advertising, and campaigns for international brands.

He is currently traveling, and has developed solid partnerships in many different countries, creating collaborations with fashion agencies worldwide.

Currently based in Milan, Amsterdam & Los Angeles.